Winett WAH




$5000. 00

We  got a new video of Winnie at the neighbor's arena. Please excuse the muddy look but it's been a long winter, we go from extremely cold temperatures to a muddy mess. Click here to watch this late February riding video of Ms. Winnie. 

Looking at this team picture, she is the horse on the right

Click here to watch Winnie hitched with Bobby and working in the hay field in August.

They did a great job working together for the 1st time!

Our Ohio spring went from cold and wet to hot! Last week (early June) we shot this video of Winnie. Different riders have had different results riding her. Please click here to watch the mounting and short riding video and then click here to watch more of Journey working with her.

Mid-May early walk-trot riding video of Winnie: click here to view

Walk, trot, canter video from outdoor riding in early May- click here to watch

A friend from when our kids used to show with stopped in when we were at the farriers. He noticed her standing by the trailer and spoke up how he really liked her, too!

Here's a short video of Winnie being ridden at a walk- click here to watch.

Here is a late April video in the indoor arena click here

Late July driving video of Winnie - click here to watch the video