6 year old grade mare


Last April riding video of Wendy - CLICK HERE  to watch - first ride for Wendy and Haylee. I had several errands to run before the rider was ready so Wendy ended up being trailered for about 3 hours before being ridden. She did just fine going from trailer to arena.

Spring is here but in typical Ohio fashion, it has been snowy, windy, rainy, and sunny - sometimes all in the same day. The sun was out so we tried to take advantage of the decent weather (it was still chilly and breezy) but we got some video footage of Wendy to share with you - CLICK HERE to see her being saddled, lunged, and ridden.

CLICK HERE  to watch Wendy's walk/trot riding video. We also included some desensitizing footage of the girls with her.

Here's a little walk, trot, and canter video of Wendy and a 10 year old rider. It's their first time doing all 3 gears together. 

CLICK HERE to view them.

This mare is one I'm asking my grandson if he wants her for 4-H. He is busy with ball and she is for sale for now!  

For me to consider a mare and a keeper that should speak for itself!

When the neighbor girls comes down and has never been around a horse i trusted Wendy. We started bathing her together then I took off to do another job then I realized how much faith I had in this mare. She is quite nice! 

Hoping to get an english saddle on her soon. School i s out now so hopefully we can get some new pictures and videos soon..

She is a cute little package!