Aston Martin GF                                 "Marty"                                2017 AHR Gelding

14.3 hands               $8000.00

*Click HERE  for a video of a youth rider on Marty from mid-April - it was their first ride together. 

He has so much potential!!!*

Marty is not normally lunged prior to riding but the youth rider did for a little bit and we thought we'd share. He is the Haflinger in the background of the indoor arena sections of this video (from the trainer's Facebok page).  CLICK HERE  to see Marty. 

Marty is currently in full-time professional training. We hope to get additional videos of him soon. He has had 30 days of training last fall and is about 45 days into a 60 day training currently.


(words used to describe Marty)

Check out Marty in this early April riding video- watch by clicking here.

Late fall (2019) walk, trot, and canter riding  video of Marty can be viewed by CLICKING HERE 

CLICK HERE to watch a walk-trot riding video of Marty. 

This gelding has so much potential! This guy is something him and let him take you places!

Every time I look at this gelding I wonder why he is for sale...I think he should be a keeper for a 4-H project for my oldest grandson...hmm?