Lilly                       2010 mare

     14.3 hands           $6500               

We are so excited about this good looking mare! Actually, checking with the AHR to see about a DNA kit. She is such a nice mare so we hope to get results. 

Lilly is so pleasant to handle, ride and drive!

Walk and trot riding video with Lilly being asked to extend her trot  can be seen by CLICKING HERE . Please note the rider is normally a barrel racer, so she is not used to asking a horse to extend their trot and posting. Lilly and the rider both did well for their first time trying something new! Plus, the video was taken right before we had Lilly's teeth floated. 

CLICK HERE to watch a walk-trot video of Lilly from August.

First time for us driving and riding!

Check out this mare...all around beauty!