Wandering Knight DH4

AHR 34499-18


2018 AHR gelding                                                      $7500

14.1 hands

Lance is a very nice colt and we are excited to see his training progress. He might be a keeper for one of the grandsons! 

This guy is doing real well even along the roads and on the trails - he has been on a trail ride with over 100 other riders and did great! 

A wrecker towing a semi-tractor passed him on the road. The air brakes did NOT affect him!

His sire is Willow Van Het Spick (NL HF 20075) 9730-97

CLICK HERE to watch a riding video of Lance. The weather was not ideal for riding a young horse (it was mid-50s and a light drizzle brought a dampness to the air) but he is doing well. Keep in mind this is only about ride #6 for him!  

Stands good for the farrier - doesn't mind a dog either

Lance has been trail riding in large groups- up of 100 other horses! He has done real well! 

He also does fine with riding alone !

We brought him home for now and will continue his training. We are very pleased with his progress. Please contact us for more details on Lance

Lance - wider blaze (the one on the right)