Dale & Mary

Mare and gelding team                                                                13.3 hands 

2007 - 12 year old team

CLICK HERE to view the late October walk-trot video of Dale. This is Haylee's first ride on Dale.

Early October walk-trot riding video of Dale with Brittany- CLICK HERE  to watch.

CLICK HERE  to watch DALE being ridden by Brittany. The video was actually taken from 2 different days and combined into one video- in the round pen and out in the open yard. 

Our 7 year old grandson has had some fun learning with Dale. CLICK HERE  to view the video of them.

Check out a video of Dale and Mary by clicking here. It contains a little of them being bathed, harnessed, ground driven and then driven double. You will notice two different drivers- a recent customer was here for a driving lesson and agreed to let us video the lesson. Nice looking team - fun for a family to enjoy! We hope to get some more pictures and riding videos soon!

DALE riding pictures

DALE and MARY driving pictures (below)